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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day,

To every mother near and far our prayers to God is that you understand how much He loves you. Please take a moment to breathe out and revel in the ideal of truth which is, "You are special". Thank you for every thing you have done and gone through to become a mother. 

From Genesis to Revelation the mother is the anthropological creation that God has gifted with a unique perpetual role, the miraculous ability to do what He only can gift you to do; and that is bring forth life. 

It is true, God has placed in all of His human creation an aspect unique to Him. But this message is for mothers. 

"Now the man called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all the living." Gen 3:20 I thought it was humorously beautiful that every mother could bear the middle name "Eve". Because even today, thousands and thousands of years later, mothers you are still that which brings all life [human] into existence. Thank you! 

Every mother must thank God for the gift of life and the ability to bring forth life that He has blessed you with. Every mother didn't become a mother by choice, and every motherhood was not planned, but through it all God and His design of you was fulfilled. You must be able to lift your head to the sky and say, "Thank You Lord", because His favor in this, was greatly upon you.

The pains and the pangs, the fear, the frustrations, the psychological changes, the emotional wanderings, the shift in appetites, the shift in moods, the growth, the clothing exchange (smiles), the doctor visits. The man, no man. The talker, the taker. The stranger, the one who straddles. Everybody crowding you, nobody but you. It goes on, and on, and on...Mothers you are still here and you are still standing tall.

There is no psychological analysis that could define you. There are no words to explain what all you went through to become a mother. Granted the becoming a mother experience varies from mother to mother, and perhaps no two experiences are the same. But there is one standing truth applicable to every single mother; you are a mother because God said so. In all of your challenges, in all of your joys one God saw you through it all. His name is El Roi! Amen! And He loves you.

Mothers all across the world, we love you and we thank you  for being a mother. If your mother is still living, tell her thank you! If she has gone to the other side, tell God thank you for your mother!!!

God Bless You!!!

Kevyn D. McHenry, Minister

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